Welcome Home

My mission is to help the world remember how to honour the place that life comes from in a woman’s body: the sacred yoni.

My work aims to empower women to connect with their sexual and reproductive anatomy and their sexuality so that they can live their lives to their full potential, free from shame and discomfort, in full expression of their creative and sexual energy.

I offer 1:1 therapy sessions in person and online, workshops, online courses and sacred ceremonies with the intention of helping people to embody the truth of who they really are.


Our bodies are sacred.

And yet:

Women carry so much shame in their bodies. We are too fat or too saggy or too old or too divine feminine artpale. We bleed and it is messy. We hide our blood.

The word “cunt”, that word that names our female genitalia, is widely seen as the most vile word in the English language, the worst insult. It used to be a word indicating respect and prestige.

Female sexuality is seen as dangerous. Something to be controlled and suppressed. Women are shamed out of expressing their sexuality. Those who dare are slags, sluts and whores.

It is time to shed this shame and reclaim our bodies as the beautiful, precious, sacred vessels that they are, carrying us through this life on earth.

Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone

As women, we pass through a series of hormonal changes during our lifetimes: menarche, motherhood & menopause. These hormonal changes are female rites of passage. They are  initiations into the sacred: our bodies perfectly poised to take us on the journey from maidenhood to elder, each initiation opening new doors and opportunities.

And yet, in the world today, our female initiations are full of trauma and shame, and are so often medicalised with drugs so that many women pass through these initiations without expanding their full potential and worse, are sometimes thoroughly damaged and diminished by their hormonal changes.


Women create and grow life inside their wombs. New life enters this planet through women’s bodies.

Birthing woman

This natural process is often disturbed – miscarriages, abortions, traumatic birth, caesarian sections: all these events leave an imprint on a woman and can affect her ability to mother, to bond with her child, to feel balanced in her centre.


Each month,  between menarche and menopause, while we are not pregnant or in lactational amenorrhea, we flow hormonally through our menstrual cycle, from menstruation to ovulation and back again. Each menstrual cycle represents a micro-initiation. Each month is a creative cycle with the capacity to bring new life to our planet or to birth a creative project and each carries a gift of wisdom. Women carry the potential to learn, to grow and to serve their communities through their menstrual cycles.


And yet menstruation is a byword for pain and suffering. Teenage girls are given hormonal drugs to suppress their cycles because they are so debilitating and doctors have no other answers. Many women are crippled by their monthly cycle. Menstruation has become “the curse”, when it is meant to be a blessing.


Within our female bodies, we have the capacity for untold pleasure. Our sexual energy is a powerful, creative force, so powerful that patriarchy has sought to suppress female sexuality through shame for thousands of years. The result is that many women struggle to experience orgasm at all during sex. Many of those who are able to orgasm during sex have their experience of orgasm limited to clitoral orgasm. The delights inside our vaginas are often unknown. The deeper pleasures available to us all, including g-spot and cervical orgasms, remain elusive.

Coming Home

The work I offer is an invitation home to our bodies. Through deeply reconnecting with our bodies, processing trauma so that we can inhabit our bodies more fully, letting go of the shame and the pain that is not ours to hold.