Womb Healing

We carry inside us a magical portal through which life can enter into this earthly plane – the womb. We mostly take it for granted, but when we really stop to think about it, the mystery of our wombs is simply mind blowing. In this space, new human life manifests and grows. This is where spirit becomes form.

“The womb is the doorway where women have access to spirit at all times.” Tami Kent

Whether or not we choose to or are able to have children, our womb is our creative centre, our powerhouse. If we no longer have our physical womb inside our body, the energetic imprint of the womb remains and we retain access to the creative capacity and the power of our womb.

Our wombs are a microcosm of the earth: The Great Mother. Through our wombs we are deeply connected to the earth. As we tune into and deepen our connection with our womb, we deepen our connection with the earth.

Womb Trauma

This amazing capacity of the womb to carry and nurture our creations means that we carry an immense amount of trauma in our wombs. This trauma isn’t just our own personal story. We carry it at a societal level and manifest it at an individual level. We carry ancestral trauma down through the generations. The pain in our wombs reflects the desecration of the feminine over thousands of years, the defiling of the female body, the grief at the loss of connection to the true extent of our power, to the truth of who we are.

So many of us experience pain, discomfort or disconnection associated with our womb. This is no accident or coincidence. Neither is it that our wombs are somehow flawed. Our wombs are calling out for our attention. As we reconnect to this core place in our body, we restore our connection with ourselves. We reclaim our power and we give other women permission to do the same. Every healing story is a beacon of hope for other women who have walked a similar path.


I offer womb healing sessions specifically tailored to each woman’s needs. I work physically and energetically with the womb or womb space. Sessions involve a detailed discussion of what you are addressing and your history. I usually teach a self-care abdominal massage so that women learn tools to support themselves outside of the sessions. I  work physically and energetically over the sacral, abdominal and pelvic area within boundaries discussed during the initial consultation. I use a combination of techniques on the abdominal area including Mayan abdominal massage, chi-nei tsang (taoist abdominal therapy) and energetic healing practices.

Some of the challenges that my clients come with include:

  • menstrual discomfort or difficulties
  • endomentriosis
  • healing after pregnancy loss or termination
  • fertility challenges
  • fibroids
  • prolapse
  • cancer
  • unexplained pain
  • PCOS
  • challenges around menopause
  • Hysterectomy

Please be advised that some of these challenges can be complex and require a multi-pronged approach, including support from medical professionals. Often the support that I offer provides a vital piece of the jigsaw that is missing from conventional medical therapies.

Please see the “Abdominal Therapy” page for more details and FAQs