How I work

This page will give you a good idea of what to expect in any one to one sessions, and the principles here also underpin any group sessions, online sessions, courses and workshops that I offer.

I work within the Wheel of Consent during my sessions which means that you are always in your power with regards to where and how you are touched. This is slightly different to the usual model of massage therapy where the therapist is seen as the “expert” and decides what is best for the client. The client then passively receives whatever is offered, even if it doesn’t feel quite right.

I will invite you to be an active participant in the treatment by asking you to feel into what is happening in your body. My attitude is that you are the expert on your body – I can use my wisdom and intuition but you are the only person who truly knows what is happening in your body.

Sometimes I bring specific exercises into the session before we begin so that you can be fully in your power both within the session and outside the session.

Breath, Movement, Sound

We use these three powerful tools alongside touch in order to help energy to move through the body and to dissipate any trapped energy/emotions.


This is the basis of all of my bodywork sessions – the breath is so powerful that it can be used as a modality entirely on its own without any touch (something that I offer). Within the sessions, I will encourage you to breathe deeply – over the years I see again and again that the more my clients focus on their breath during the session, the more they get out of the session. Sometimes I might invite you to breathe in a specific way for a specific purpose.

At the start of the session we may do some breathing exercises to encourage you to find your breath.


Sound is another hugely powerful tool for shifting trapped energy and emotion. Your own voice is most powerful tool you have for self-healing. I have healed back pain on myself that I couldn’t reach to massage just through sounding.

Throughout my sessions, sound is most welcome – some people are more vocal than others during bodywork. I will also sometimes encourage you to make a sound at a specific point – this is to help the energy to shift/ release.

I may use sound myself during a session – either in the form of singing or making specific sounds to resonate with what is present.

I usually support sessions with appropriate healing music – and you are welcome to request silence.

At the start of the session, we may do some sounding exercises to encourage your throat chakra to open.


This is another way that the body can release – movement is most welcome in the sessions if the impulse arises.

At the start of the session, I sometimes bring in shaking meditations that help to bring whatever is in the body to the surface – this combines with sound and can create a powerful preparation for the body.


We are multi-layered energetic beings. We have a physical body and yet we are more than our phsyical body. We extend beyond our physical body energetically and we have currents of energy moving through and withing our physical body. I work with energy, often using the physical body as an entry point. Sometimes I may work energetically above and around the physical body using various tools including breath, movement, sound and intention.


It is important that we are connected with one another before any bodywork begins – we always begin the session with a discussion – if it is your initial session we will go through your history and intentions. Subsequent sessions will focus on your journey.

If you find talking about yourself difficult, there is no pressure to speak .

We can also connect through meditative exercises.

Sacred Space

I aim to create a sacred space within the session for you to be able to drop deeply into yourself – it is this sacred space that really enables people to go to places they cannot reach in a “normal” massage session.

This happens through prayer, intention, and the use of specific tools that establish this safe, held space.


Intention is really key to everything that we do in life and I always bring intention into the sessions – asking you to consider what your intention is for a particular session. It’s worthwhile feeling into this before you come to a session.


During these sessions, emotions can arise.

These can be so-called positive emotions: (eg. joy, bliss, mirth, happiness) or so-called negative emotions (eg. sadness, anger, grief, frustration). All of these emotions are welcomed into the space. These can be expressed through laughter, tears, sounds, movement and so on. I may suggest ways to allow the e-motion (the energy in motion) to move through the body.

Sometimes you will have a memory accompanying the emotion. Other times you won’t know what the emotion is associated with – you will just feel the emotion.

The invitation is to allow yourself to feel whatever is presenting, without trying to change it or get rid of it – simply to meet it, to meet yourself wherever you are.

Emotions do not always arise, and sometimes they arise after a session rather than during a session.


Sometimes sessions can be dramatic with powerful sensations and emotions. Sometimes they are more peaceful.

It is advisable  to let go of any expectations when coming for a session and allow yourself to experience whatever is present for you during a session.


I welcome communication from you during a session with regards to what is happening in your body or mind – there may be a greater or lesser degree of verbal communication in any session, depending on your needs.

Clothing & Oil

Bodywork can be performed on clothed or unclothed bodies.

If the massage is performed on a clothed body, I do not use massage oil. Performing the bodywork with oil on an unclothed body allows for a deeper experience.

You are welcome to remove as many or as few clothes as you wish for the session – this remains a matter of your personal choice. If you choose to be unclothed, I use a sarong to cover your body to begin the massage and you will remain covered throughout the massage with the exception of the part of the body I am working on.

In tantric therapy, you may choose to be completely uncovered.

For abdominal therapy, generally you remain clothed and if you want to receive the massage on your skin, you simply uncover your abdomen.

If you are receiving internal massage within the Holistic Pelvic Care modality, you will need to remove underwear and I will cover you with a sarong for the session.

Internal Massage

I only offer internal work if this is something we have specifically discussed – it may be that this is not something you wish to explore.

You may come to a session unsure if you want to explore internal work or not – this is absolutely fine.  A vital piece of this work is learning to listen to our vaginas and honour our own boundaries which have so often been overstepped by ourselves and others.

I ALWAYS get you to check in with your yoni before entering, even if you have previously said you want vaginal work, just to check that she is a full yes.

If you come to a session wanting internal massage, sometimes we might find that your vagina is not welcoming internal touch today. Exploring the “No” or the “Maybe” is just as powerful as working internally with the “yes”.

The internal work that I offer does not usually involve working with sexual energy or pleasure. We focus on releasing tension, pain or numbness from the vagina, connecting with her and releasing what no longer needs to be held. I also recommend self-care practices to this end in between sessions.

Within the tantric sessions, the frame is set for sexual energy and pleasure to arise – however this is not a given. Sometimes women come for a tantric session expecting their sexual energy to rise and find themselves exploring something else instead. All is valid.

After the session

Sometimes you can go away from a session feeling amazing, a feeling that lasts a while. Often people feel exhausted after a session and need to rest. You can also feel worse after a session with some physical symptoms – headaches, fatigue, cramps for example, or you may feel emotionally depleted.

It’s a good idea to leave some space for yourself after a deep session and not to rush off into life or have a busy afternoon/ evening planned. Some time alone for rest/ connection with earth – a walk outside/ time to sleep or journal is most advisable.

If activity is unavoidable, give yourself a minimum of half an hour to an hour after the session  before needing to pick up kids/ go to work etc

Always drink plenty of water after the session to help flush out any toxins moved in the session, and try and get an early night that night.


I truly believe that we all have the capacity to be our own healers. A therapist can help to hold the space to process deep emotions and can take clients to spaces that they can’t reach on their own. However, if we hand our power over to a therapist and belive that they have a special power to heal us, we disempower ourselves. Healing comes from within.

I see my role as lighting the way, to help women to discover their own path. I’m a huge believer in the power of consistent practice as this is, in my experience, what really brings results.

I will always give suggestions for practices to do outside of the sessions in between sessions. A session is a short period of time. The rest of your life is much larger. The session can be seen as a catalyst that can spark you on a journey of self-discovery. Honestly, the more that you give to yourself outside of the sessions, the more that you will get out of the sessions. The work won’t do itself.


My Sacred Yoni work is focused on mainly on women and people with vaginas however they identify. This is not a matter of negative discrimination. My work leans heavily into the anatomical structures of the female body and so this is where my passion lies.

Men/ penis-owners are welcomed into my practice –  I do not offer genital massage to men/ penis-owners. I can, however, create a safe space where you are able to discuss your intimate emotional and physical issues and where all of you is welcomed into the space.

I use the word “women” on this website to indicate someone who has a vagina. If you are non-binary or if you identify as male but have a vagina, please know that my language is not meant to exclude you and subsitute whatever word works better for you.