Kundalini Shakti Dance Temple

Every month at Chyan Cultural Centre, Sacred Yoni is hosting a women’s sacred circle and dance temple.


Dance is a celebration: a way of celebrating your body, celebrating life, a way of giving thanks to the divine for the life you have been given. Human beings are born to dance. Our bodies want to move as the energy flows through them.

And yet we become restricted: shame, trapped emotions, trauma, cultural messages, societal norms – all these things prevent the free movement of energy around our bodies, blocking our chakras and energy pathways and restricting our movement.

These workshops are a chance to shake it all out and meet your divine feminine in this sacred women’s dance space – move without shame, self-consciousness or ego.

These sessions  involve some circle work, guided movement, lots of free movement, some amazing music as well as some deep relaxation and sitting meditation for integration purposes. We use some of Osho’s Kundalini techniques and encourage our chakras to open and our energy to flow.

We spend some time in each session connecting to our pelvic bowl.

This is a space to let your body speak, let your shakti move through you, to release your pelvis and dance from your yoni.

Each session is informed by whereabouts we are in the wheel of the year and our connection through our bodies to the seasons of our Earth.

Sessions cost £10 per person and last 2.5 hours.

Please see my facebook page for dates and details – Booking essential

“Kundalini Dance is a safe, expansive space to deepen into.. Kate is clear in her holding and a great space to deepen in to connection as a woman with yourself.” Sarah Starr, Cornwall

“Amazingly spiritual and fulfilling evening with like minded ladies. Enjoying the ability to dance my heart out and connect with positive vibes and realign myself.” Jo Lyme, Cornwall