Miscarriage and Abortion Support


Miscarriage is a pregnancy loss event that occurs within the first 20 weeks of gestation. Early miscarriage (pregnancy loss in the first 12 weeks) is very common. Between 10% and 25% of recognised pregnancies end in miscarriage. This phenomenon is not widely talked about and there can be a lot of shame associated with the loss of a foetus. If women are trying to conceive when they miscarry, the miscarriages can prevent them from bonding properly with their future babies when they come into the womb, for fear of further loss.


Abortion is a choice that every woman should be able to make. The problem is that there is not proper emotional support for women going through termination in our culture. There is again lots of shame associated with the process and the emotions surrounding the event are often suppressed.

Pregnancy loss events

These pregnancy loss events – miscarriage and abortion – often happen in a way which means that women are unable to grieve their unborn children properly and therefore unable to process and let go. This means that the womb continues to hold on to the soul energy of the unborn child. This can lead to various problems: difficulty conceiving; complications during subsequent birthing events; difficulty bonding with future children. Women who enter the peri-menopause without having properly processed past pregnancy loss events often struggle as the womb is still carrying that should energy and is therefore unable to let go into menopause.