Menopause Medicine

This is an in-person support group for women in their menopause/ perimenopause.


Menopause. Some of us look forward to this time in our lives – particularly if we have struggled with our menstrual cycle. Others dread its approach and resist its arrival. Some of us navigate this transition with barely a thought. Others are brought to their knees by the challenges of menopause.

Whatever your experience of menopause, this circle is intended to support you through this transition. Maybe you are finding it physically or emotionally challenging, or perhaps you are expanding into new experiences. If you are in perimenopause, if you are transitioning through menopause or if you are beyond menopause but still struggling with the lessons of menopause then this group is for you.

Rethinking Menopause

Society views menopause as the end of our fertile years. Menopausal women often report feeling invisible – no longer considered “useful” by societal norms: no longer lusted after, no longer able to bear children, these women are marginalised and mocked.

This is no accident. Menopausal women have been marginalised BECAUSE the gateway of menopause has the potential to enable women to step fully into the zenith of their power. Truly powerful women are a problem for the patriarchal power structures under which we live.

Truly powerful women – that is women who are sovereign in their bodies, women who stand in their truths, women who help others to come into their sovereign selves, women who are connected to the divine (NOT women who are considered powerful simply because they are validated by patriarchal power structures) – THESE are the women who society is afraid of and these are the women whom we can become at menopause.

I would like us to rethink menopause: whatever your experience of menopause, this gateway has the potential to enable you to step into your power, to enable you to transform and grow in ways you didn’t think possible. I would like us to rethink menopause as a pathway to power and yes, this path might be challenging – worthwhile things are rarely easy to come by.


Menopause is a difficult time for many women with regards to their sexuality. Many women turn away from sex, no longer able to tolerate sexual interactions that no longer serve them. Some feel they have lost their libido, or sex is painful. Others feel sexually voracious and others are called to explore their sexuality in a way they never have before.

This group is a space for us to explore our changing sexuality. It is a sex positive space where we can be open about our sexual desires and experiences, or lack of. It is a space where we can talk about our sexual and reproductive anatomy and the challenges and the joys that our bodies bring us. We also recognise that this is challenging for some and there is no obligation to share.


My intention is to create a space for women to come together and rise together as they navigate menopause: to share the journey – the challenges and the blessings.

My intention is to create a sacred space where women can come to drop – away from the demands and conversations of everyday life – where they can be themselves, where they can relinquish responsibilities, where they can be held and nurtured and where they can process and integrate whatever they need to in order to make this transition.

My intention is to help women to discover tools and practices that they can use to support themselves at this time in their lives.

This group is here to provide a non-judgemental space – whatever personal choices you make with regards to medical support during this time will be welcomed and accepted. We do not criticise the use of HRT or other medical support. It is for you to choose your own path and only you know what truly supports you through your experience.

What to expect

This is a 3 hour session

Each session will have a theme that will loosely inform that session.

The session will be held as sacred space. The intention is that this is time delineated from everyday life. Creating space in this way gives heightened potential for transformation.

In practice, it means that we stay focused on our purpose through the session – it’s not a space for general chit chat and normal conversations – these can happen before or after the session. 

We will begin with a circle – a chance to speak and be heard in our truths and to hear other women’s truths, in which we may  find mirrored our own experiences. There will be an opportunity to ask questions or receive feedback if you so desire.

The second half of the session will be dedicated to a teaching or a practice of some kind.

I will be offering guided breathwork – this is a chance to drop deeply into your body and your breath. Everybody’s experience of breathwork is different and each time can be different. Breathwork can help us to release emotion trapped in the body or to process and integrate past traumas that are preventing us from moving forward. We can experience negative or positive emotions during a session. Sometimes people experience visions or journeys, other times it can be deeply peaceful and relaxing.

I will also share other self-care practices that we can learn to help support ourselves through menopause

After the practice, we will have a closing circle and there will be time to stay and chat afterwards if you wish when sacred space is closed.

There will be an invitation to follow certain self-care practices between sessions and a social media group set up so we can support one another between sessions.


I strongly encourage women to commit to a series of sessions as you will get more out of the group with continuity and commitment. I also understand that this is not possible for everyone. There will be 12 spaces available for each session – if these become filled with 12 women making a commitment for 6 months, the circle will be closed. Whilst there are spaces available, it will be possible to attend as drop in sessions.

About me

My name is Kate. I am the founder of Sacred Yoni Cornwall. My purpose is to help men and women to remember to honour the place where life comes from in a woman’s body.

I have been working professionally with women’s physical and reproductive anatomy and sexuality for the past 5 years and deepening into my own for the past 10 years. I am a certified tantric educator with an in depth understanding of female sexuality, an Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner (internal bodywork), a certified Abdominal Therapist, a trained Breathwork facilitator. I hold one-to-one sessions and women’s groups and workshops. I deliver online courses for women wanting to explore and heal their female sexual and reproductive anatomy and sexuality.  I am trauma informed and I work closely with the Wheel of Consent to ensure that people are always in a place of choice and power in my sessions and groups.

I am 46 years old. I am in the perimenopause and have not completed my menopausal transition. Therefore I do not claim to be able to guide other women on this journey. I am not an “expert” on menopause. My training and experience have equipped me with a number of tools that can help to support women through this transition and that I will make available to the group.

We will be creating a safe and sacred space where we can support one another through this transition and beyond, where we can find our own truths, where we can be seen and heard in our truth. This will be a space where we can process  emotional upheaval, receive guidance from each other and from spirit and where we can reclaim menopause as a powerful initiatory gateway rather than an inevitable decline.

What is the exchange?

Each 3 hour session is £25 as a drop in. These are held monthly. I am initially planning the dates for 6 sessions. You can purchase a ticket for all 6 sessions for £125 which will confirm your place in all the sessions.

You are welcome to attend the first session as a drop in to see if this is suitable for you and then pay the balance for all 6 months (which effectively means that the first session is free)


Thursday 24th February 6.30-9.30

Thursday 24th March 6.30-9.30

Thursday 21st April 6.30-9.30

Thursday 19th May 6.30-9.30

Thursday 16th June 6.30-9.30

Wednesday 13th July 6.30-9.30

Where is it?

Sessions will be held in the Sky Barn at Chyan Cultural Centre, Halvasso, TR10 9BT