Book a Session


If you would like to book a session with me, please send me an email ( . I will send you a form to fill in which will give me a good idea of how I might be able to help you. We can then arrange a free 15 minute phone call. I also understand that not everybody feels comfortable talking on the telephone and you are welcome to book a session without the call if that suits you more.

Some people know that they want to receive Holistic Pelvic Care, for example, or an Abdominal Therapy session. If this is you, you are welcome to request that particular therapy.

Others know what issues they want to resolve, but aren’t certain which therapy to choose. This is absolutely fine.

Some women want to explore their sexual and reproductive anatomy and sexuality, but they aren’t ready for internal massage. In this case we work externally with touch and energetically with the internal structures.

In practice, my sessions are often a combination of different modalities. When you send me your form, I will have a good idea of what might be suitable and we can further discuss this between us to co-create a plan that works for you.


Sacred Yoni Session

Initial sessions are usually 2 hours – 75 per hour.

One to One Online Coaching Sessions

Initial 20 minute exploratory session – free
Subsequent hourly sessions: £75

Couples Coaching

In Person or Online: £75 per hour



Holistic Bodywork

Minimum appointment 2 hours  – £75 per hour

Shamanic Breathwork

1.5 hour session online or in person – £100

Abdominal & Womb Therapy

Intake appointment: 1.5 hours – £100
Subsequent appointments: 1 hour -£75

Advise minimum 3-6 treatments 1 month apart. Certain conditions may require longer treatment.

Holistic Pelvic Care™

Holistic Pelvic Care is sometimes suitable as a stand alone treatment for certain issues. Some problems may require a combination of approaches.

Intake appointment: 2 hours – £150
Subsequent appointments: 1.5 hours – £110

Advise minimum 2 treatments – 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Tantric Therapy

Minimum appointment 3 hours – £75 per hour

Whole Being Sessions – for women & men

Complex, chronic problems are usually rooted in past trauma and require deeper, exploratory work and a commitment to learning and transformation.

Rather than expecting that a treatment will “fix” what is troubling you, we will move mindfully together at a pace that is right for you to bring healing into your life. The sessions can include discussion, connection, movement, meditation and massage/ bodywork. We will also look at work that you can do in between sessions to support your healing journey. We may choose to work with any or all of the modalities that I offer.

This deeper work can require commitment to a series of sessions. Depending on what you are addressing, I would recommend committing to a minimum of 3-6 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.

Initial session – minimum 2.5 hours – £75 per hour