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How I work with clients

Depending on the issues you are hoping to resolve, there are different ways of working with me. This may be an individual therapy or a combination of different approaches.

I offer some therapies as a straightforward treatment when people are addressing specific, acute issues (eg. Holistic Pelvic Care for post-partum recovery)

For more complex, chronic issues with roots in past trauma, I offer Whole Being coaching sessions.


Arvigo® Therapy

Intake appointment: 1.5 hours – £75
Subsequent appointments: 1 hour – £50

Minimum 3-6 treatments 1 month apart. Certain conditions may require longer treatment.

Holistic Pelvic Care™

I only offer Holistic Pelvic Care as a stand alone treatment for post-partum recovery and miscarriage/ abortion support. Chronic sexual/ gynaecological issues can be more effectively addressed co-creatively working with your entire being in a Whole Being Session.

Intake appointment: 2 hours – £100
Subsequent appointments: 1.5 hours – £75

Minimum 2 treatments – 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Whole Being Sessions

During these sessions we will co-create the healing path together.

Complex, chronic problems are usually rooted in past trauma and require deeper, exploratory work and a commitment to learning and transformation.

Rather than expecting that a treatment will “fix” what is troubling you, we will move mindfully together at a pace that is right for you to bring healing into your life. The sessions can include discussion, connection, movement, meditation and massage/ bodywork. We will also look at work that you can do in between sessions to support your healing journey. We may choose to work with any or all of the modalities that I offer.

This deeper work asks for commitment to a series of sessions. Depending on what you are addressing, I would recommend committing to a minimum of 3-6 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.

Intake appointment: 2.5 hours – £125
Subsequent appointments: 2  hours – £100