May Queen’s Beltane Ball – Kundalini Shakti Dance & Breath Ceremony


Sunday 7th May – 5pm-8.30pm
@ Boscowen Un Stone Circle (near St Buryan, Penwith)
(or at The Aple Barn, Chyan Farm, TR10 9BT if weather is poor)


Please note that cancellations within 4 days of the event are none refundable or transferable – a huge amount of time, effort and resources goes into creating these events and I have had to take this position in order to value my own energy. When people cancel last minute, I’m unable to replace them and I end up losing out which makes the events unsustainable.

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This cross-quartz festival between spring equinox and summer solstice is all about sexual energy.

The sexual energy of the earth is rising as spring is absolutely at its zenith – oozing exuberance in the spectacular displays we see in the natural world around us.

Traditionally, this festival was celebrated with young people spending the night wandering the woodlands and returning in the morning as a couple, arms full of Mayflower, to the Beltane fire, where they would be handfasted for a year and a day.

In our life cycle, we are still in the time of the inner maiden, riding the wave of this rising energy as she prepares to step towards the mother archetype – whether that is looking towards becoming the mother of children, or dedicating herself more seriously to the birthing of creative projects (and often both).

In our menstrual cycle, we are just before ovulation – our sexual energy often rises in anticipation of this fertile phase – the best time to have sex if you want to conceive is just before ovulation – it takes the sperm a few days to swim up to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg.

This is a time when we crave to be MET – and here in circle this evening, we will be meeting OURSELVES with dance and breath, and riding the wave of the rising earth energy.


If the sun god favours us, we will be dancing outside at Boscowen-Un Stone Circle in Penwith and dancing with “silent disco” style headphones. These are the best option for dancing outside so that we aren’t disturbing anyone else. If the weather is poor, we will be inside in the Apple Barn at Chyan.

The beautiful sacred sites of Cornwall are potent energy portals – used by our ancestors to travel between the worlds. When we hold ceremony at these sites, we are continuing on this ancient path and even though we may not understand the technology as fully as our ancestors did, we still tap into this potent power.

Boscowen-Un is particularly special – it is located a good 10 minute walk from the road in a wild landscape – parking is very limited so please lift share if you can.

The Session

This is a public place, so it cannot  guaranteed that we will have it all to ourselves. However, the silent disco headphones mean that we are able to totally immerse ourselves in the music. There will be some guided breath practices as well as the dance – you are free to go as deep or as gently as you wish given the surroundings.

The session will be around the theme of sexuality and of relating our own sexual energy to the sexual energy of the earth. There is so much SHAME around sexuality – and yet the earth herself has no shame around her own rising sexual energy. I will be guiding you through the dance and breath to follow your own river, held by the earth.

These sessions can be potent and everyone experiences them in a different way – there can be joy and celebration, emotional release, shamanic journeying, spiritual connection. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and sometimes blissful. The more we can allow ourselves to experience the full range of what we are capable of feeling, the more we can step into the truth of who we are.


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