Yule – Wisdom of the Crone


Sunday 17th December– 4pm – 8pm

@ The Apple Barn

Chyan Farm
TR10 9BT
Ceremony of prayer, breath, dance, cacao and magic for Yule

Please note that cancellations within 7 days of the event are none refundable or transferable – a huge amount of time, effort and resources goes into creating these events and we need to value our own energy. When people cancel last minute, we are unable to replace them and we end up losing out which makes the events unsustainable.


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We are celebrating Yule or Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year.
This time of year represents the darkest point in the year, and also heralds the return of the light: death and rebirth


Midwinter is the time of the crone and we will be calling in our inner crone and asking for her wisdom and guidance.

We will be inviting you to drop into the dreamtime, to call in deep rest, to nurture yourselves and to let go of everything that you no longer need to carry so that you can be reborn – ready for the next creative cycle to begin.


The Session

The ceremony creates a truly safe and sacred space that we can drop into together.


We will begin the ceremony with an opening prayer, drinking Mama Cacao (let us know if you don’t want cacao, we can provide an alternative) and sharing our intentions. We dance to recorded music for about an hour, then we will have a breathwork session that lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. We finish with an integration circle.

The invitation is to come without expectation – these sessions can be a joyous celebration for some and invoke powerful emotional processes for others.





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