Mabon Ceremony – Let the Wild Women Dance


Saturday 23rd September –5.30pm – 9pm
@ The Merry Maidens, Penwith


(or indoors @ Chyan TR10 9BT if the weather is poor)


Please note that cancellations within 4 days of the event are none refundable or transferable – a huge amount of time, effort and resources goes into creating these events and we need to value our own energy. When people cancel last minute, we are unable to replace them and we end up losing out which makes the events unsustainable.


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Sacred Yoni & Rise Rooted present:

Mabon Ceremony – Let the Wild Women Dance:

Circle of prayer, breath, dance, cacao and magic


The autumn equinox is a threshold when we make this transition from the light half to the dark half of the year.

Mabon reflects the time in our menstrual cycle and our life cycle when we step into the little celebrated archetype of the “Maga”


The Maga is also known as the enchantress or the wild woman. She is missing from the well-known “triple goddess” expression of maiden, mother and crone.

The Wild Woman has been domesticated out of existence – like the wolves with whom we once ran. She is the pre-menstrual woman and the peri-menopausal woman – the one who howls with the wind and weeps with the rain; swims with the seals and sleeps with the bears. She is our portal to ourselves as the magical enchantresses, the intuitive witches. In this ceremony we are inviting her back into our psyches.

The Merry Maidens

The legend has it that the Merry Maidens were turned to stone for dancing on a Sunday. This is exactly what happened to the wild women who dared to disobey the church – they were put to death for expressing their wild nature. For doing what their life force demanded – dancing their joy on the earth in these sacred sites.

So that we are bringing the Wild Woman to life in these stones is hugely significant for us.

The Ceremony

This is a  sacred women’s circle, where each woman is warmly invited to allow herself to be seen and witnessed exactly as she is – be that in grief or celebration, anger or ecstasy.

The ceremony is safely held by Tracey and Kate and you are welcome to bring all of yourself to the altar.

This ceremony is an opportunity to bring our wild self into circle, to feel into where we have tamed ourselves, where we no longer trust our intuition, where we have lost touch with our magic. It’s a place to touch the grief at the way that the wild feminine has been muzzled and restrained, and to set her free inside ourselves.

There is the opportunity to begin the ceremony with some ceremonial cacao if you would like (this is optional).

We will be dancing with silent disco style headphones in the stones.

There will also be prayer and breathwork in the ceremony.

This is a public outdoor space and so we cannot guarantee that other members of the public won’t be there.






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