Menopause Medicine


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Please see the “Menopause Medicine” page for more details.

This ticket is for a 6 month block of sessions:

Thursday 24th February 6.30-9.30

Thursday 24th March 6.30-9.30

Thursday 21st April 6.30-9.30

Thursday 19th May 6.30-9.30

Thursday 16th June 6.30-9.30

Wednesday 13th July 6.30-9.30

I strongly encourage women to commit to a series of sessions as you will get more out of the group with continuity and commitment. I also understand that this is not possible for everyone. There will be 12 spaces available for each session – if these become filled with 12 women making a commitment for 6 months, the circle will be closed. Whilst there are spaces available, it will be possible to attend as drop in sessions.

You can purchase a ticket for all 6 sessions for £125 (instead of the drop in price of £150) which will confirm your place in all the sessions.

If you want to “trial” the first session, you can buy an individual ticket for that session and then pay me the balance if you wish to continue.

If you can’t pay via this page, please contact me directly.


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