Sacred Yoni Healing

I work with a number of different modalities – some women find me because they have learned about a specific modality that I offer such as Holistic Pelvic Care or Abdominal Therapy and want to explore that modality.

For those of you who know why you are here, but aren’t sure “which therapy to choose” – know that you don’t need to choose a type of therapy – I outline all these different modalities so that people can understand what I offer. In reality, my sessions are all unique, tailored to the individual and unique needs of my clients.

The sessions may or may not include internal massage – every woman is different and I encourage you to listen to your body to find out what is right for you, always fully in your power to say yes to what you want and no to what you don’t want.

I can offer help with:

Pain/ Discomfort

  • You are experiencing some pain or discomfort around your sexual and reproductive anatomy – perhaps sex is painful or you have recurrent bladder infections, or urine leakage.


  • You want to prepare for conception in the best way possible, or you are having trouble conceiving.

Post Partum

  • You are recovering from some birth trauma or obstretic violence, or perhaps you had the birth you wanted and are aware that internal work will help your body to recover.

Miscarriage/ Termination

  • You suffered any kind of pregnancy loss recently and need help processing this
  • You suffered any kind of pregnancy loss 50 years ago – it is never too late to do this work and it never stops calling us to do it. I’m particularly passionate about helping women to process pregnancy loss and its importance underacknowledged in our culture.

Menstrual Cycle

  • You struggle with your menstrual cycle – your periods are unbearable.
  • You want to deepen into your menstrual cycle and understand its awesome power.

Sexual abuse/ trauma

  • You have experienced some kind of sexual abuse or trauma which has resulted in you feeling stuck, unable to feel the full expression of yourself as a sexual being in your body on this earth.

Pleasure/ Orgasm

  • You are unable to feel pleasure sexual pleasure or orgasm. Maybe you don’t know why, but you know that your birthright is to feel this pleasure.

Orgasmic Capacity

  • You are comfortable in their sexuality, but they want to deepen your orgasmic capacity or learn more about how you can tap into your sexual energy.


  • You are already working with sexual energy and want to practice with a female practitioner.


  • You feel that you are “wrong” in some way sexually – perhaps you have sexual fantasies that you think you shouldn’t have or “normal sex” just doesn’t turn you on.


  • You are struggling through menopause: physically and emotionally, in a way they never have before and are seeking help to make it through.
  • You are beyond menopause and are dealing with physical or emotional symptoms, or wanting to explore your sexuality consciously or have decided to integrate old traumas.