Sacred Yoni Online Sessions

Sacred Yoni online sessions is an online course which teaches guided non-sexual internal self-massage and other techniques.

This course originally ran as a series of 6 live sessions. The recordings of this course can be purchased here. The first session is free and can be watched below.

To purchase the course please click here: (£99)

Sacred Yoni Online Sessions

Many women experience a disconnection with their female anatomy or with their sexual energy. This manifests as disease, discomfort, difficulties with our menstrual cycle, inability to enjoy sex, muted creativity, lack of self-worth. 

When we connect with our vulva and vagina energetically and through touch, we bring consciousness, energy and flow to this area of our body. We can release tension from our pelvic muscles and restore balance to our core.

Session 1 – Enter the Yoniverse

Regular non-sexual self-massage is an essential part of every woman’s self-care.

During these session, we will have the opportunity to connect deeply with our root. This is a healing and affirming process. We foster connection and bring light to forgotten parts of ourselves. 

Each week will touch on a different aspect of our sexual energy, our life cycle, our menstrual cycle, our anatomy and so on. This is a journey of discovery. 

Each session will be able to function as a stand-alone session, however you will get more from the sessions if you attend regularly. 

Sessions can stimulate emotional and/ or physical release.
If you suffered sexual abuse as a child that you have not had the opportunity to process, please speak to me before booking.

If you are pregnant, I recommend waiting until 8 weeks postpartum before beginning this kind of vaginal massage.

You will need a space where you can be undisturbed, some massage oil and some lube or coconut oil, and access to your vagina.

Session 1

Enter the Yoniverse
An in depth look at our internal anatomy and following a guided nourishing, non-sexual internal self-massage.

Session 2
The Sacred Spot
A closer look at the G spot or Goddess Spot

Session 3
Cervical Love
Connecting to and relaxing our cervix

Session 4
Ovarian Palace
Our amazing ovaries

Session 5
Tapping into the power of the womb

Session 6
Breasts of the Goddess

Nourishing Breast Massage as an act of self-care