“Thank you so much. I am blown away by your levels of care, tenderness, opens and professionalism. I was relaxed and able to share deeply personal and sensitive information. I felt that I could trust in myself because I trusted in you. I felt so well held throughout and was given space to come around … Continue reading Tracy, Camborne

Tracy, Camborne

A truly beautiful experience of Tantric Journey bodywork massage with Kate who was very giving, warm and kind. Her touch was caring, soothing and energising, and she held a safe space for me to get in touch with my emotions, sensuality, erotic energy and feminine power.

Gayla, London

Kate is an amazing healer. She has touched and healed me through her loving care.  I would highly recommend her to every man and woman. Thanks beautiful Kate  

Lisa, Newcastle

Kate is a gifted practitioner. She brings sensitivity, trust and honour to this much needed work. Her sessions have begun to open me up to the intricate depth of feeling held inside of me. I am now on a journey of awakening my sexual energy in a balanced, soulful and honest way. Thank you for … Continue reading Mandy Adams, Menstruality Educator, Founder Red Tent Cornwall

Mandy Adams, Menstruality Educator, Founder Red Tent Cornwall

When it came to the yoni massage Kate was ever so gentle and slow, completely non-intrusive. It felt nurturing. Ilana, London, UK

Ilana, London