Yoni Egg Workshop

I host an online “Yoni Egg Workshop” with my colleague Lisa Grezo at our website TantricTools.co.uk

On this course you will:

  • receive 4 months of progressive yoni egg exercises that you can follow at your own pace to strengthen and tone your vagina
  • learn how to look after your egg physically and energetically
  • learn how to charge your egg with your intentions so you can use your practice to manifest your desires from your creative centre aka your yoni
  • learn how to safely set up a regular yoni egg practice that honours your yoni
  • learn fundamental Taoist breath techniques to enhance your yoni egg practice
  • learn how to activate and differentiate the different muscle sections in the yoni resulting in an articulated vagina
  • learn how to clear the womb of unwanted energy
  • receive Taoist techniques to release negative emotion from the vagina
  • learn how to deeply connect with your yoni


for more information –

If you would like to purchase our Pleasure School, please contact me at sacredyonicornwall@gmail.com for a discount code.