Yoni Eggs

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What are yoni eggs?bowl of mixed eggs

Yoni Eggs or Jade Eggs are a small eggs made of polished stone which are designed to be inserted into the vagina. These tools were first developed by the Taoists of ancient China over 2000 years ago, to increase health and longevity.

Why do I need one?

Women are often told to do “Kegel” exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor. Although Kegels can be useful for improving proprioception, used on their own they will do little to increase strength. The yoni eggs provide the resistance needed to tangibly tone and strengthen the pelvic floor.


Why do I need a supple and toned pelvic floor?

There are so many benefits to strengthening the vaginal muscles:

  • Preparation for childbirth – a supple, toned pelvic floor can make childbirth easier.
  • Recovery after childbirth.
  • Prevent or recover from incontinence.Nephrite jade egg single
  • Treating PMS and menstrual discomfort.
  • Increasing sensation in your vagina and thereby enhancing your sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential.
  • Stimulating a stagnant libido.
  • Treating problems associated with menopause including loss of libido, loss of vaginal lubrication and hormonal imbalance.
  • Healing emotional and physical trauma that has been held in the vagina
  • Awakening our creativity and passion for life.

How do I use a yoni egg?

The yoni egg is inserted inside the vagina and is used along with resistance to exercise the vaginal muscles.

You don’t need to follow the esoteric to use a yoni egg. They work on a very tangible, physical level, strengthening the vaginal muscles and bringing a woman’s focus and attention onto the nerve endings inside her vagina.

IMG_9242Imagine you had never realised that you could use your left arm and it had been dangling uselessly by your side your entire life. It would be weak and the neural connections between your brain and your arm would be very few. Then once started trying to move it, you would start trying to move maybe one finger at a time. Over time, the neural connections would increase and strengthen as the arm itself strengthened and eventually you would have a fully functional, articulate arm. It’s the same with the vagina. As you build up strength in your vagina, you will be increasing sensation, neural connections and learning to isolate and articulate different muscles.

Does it have to be jade?

The ancient taoists used jade as a sacred, healing stone. We currently stock yoni eggs in 8 different crystal types: nephrite jade, obsidian, rose quartz, red jasper, bloodstone, clear quartz, amethyst and rhodonite. We also sell body safe glass eggs for women who don’t want to use crystal. Each has its own properties, it’s really a case of what you are drawn to. Check out our yoni egg page to see the different stones available.

Where can I buy one?

Tantric Tools is our sister site. It was created when the founders, Lisa and Kate, found it impossible to source quality crystal yoni wands and G spot wands in the UK. They were only available for purchase overseas which meant long waiting times and costly postage and import duty. Lisa and Kate decided to make these tools more easily available in the UK.

Our tools are high quality and designed for purpose. Many eggs and wands on the internet are not genuine stones.

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