Yoni Wands



We are DELIGHTED to be announce that we now offer an online PLEASURE SCHOOL – a course which teaches women how to connect to their sexual energy, how to release trauma from their sexual and reproductive anatomy and how to deepen into their pleasure.

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What are yoni wands?

Yoni wands are tools that can be used to bring healing and pleasure to your vagina. Some


are made of crystal, some of glass. We sell three different types of yoni wand: g-spot wands, large yoni wands and mini massage wands.




IMG_0109Why do I need one?

We are accustomed to self-pleasuring without paying consciousness attention to the act. Many women are unaware of the layers of pleasure within their vaginas, and the different types of orgasms waiting to be discovered there beneath layers of numbness, trauma and shame. Internal massage with crystal yoni wands brings consciousness, intention and healing to the act of self-pleasure and ultimately take us to the next level of pleasure and consciousness.

How does this relate to Holistic Pelvic Care™ work?

During an HPC™ session, we often encounter “trigger points”. These are sensitive areas where tension or trauma has been stored inside the vagina. With the help of a yoni wand, women are able to work on their own trigger points. They enable women to apply steady, deep pressure to various points within their own vagina that may be uncomfortable or difficult to otherwise reach

How are yoni wands different to sex toys?

Many sex toys are made out of toxic materials that leach toxins into one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Our yoni wands are crafted from stone or glass: natural, organic, non-porous materials with high energetic frequencies.

Many women do not realise that vibrators desensitise the clitoris. Although it is very easy to reach a clitoral orgasm using these devices, women quickly reach the point where they are unable to have a clitoral orgasm without using a one.

Where can I buy one?

Tantric Tools was created when the founders, Lisa and Kate, found it impossible to source quality crystal yoni wands and G spot wands in the UK. They were only available


for purchase overseas which meant long waiting times and costly postage and import duty. Lisa and Kate decided to make these tools more easily available in the UK.

Our tools are high quality and designed for purpose. Many eggs and wands on the internet are not genuine stones, and our Amrita G-Spot wands are a unique product that cannot be purchased anywhere else.



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